Ten Years of Overheard: Thought Leaders

To celebrate ten seasons of Overheard with Evan Smith, this special episode takes a look back at some of the thought leaders who have been on the show – politicians, activists and scientists. From President Obama to climate scientists, no topics were off the table.

Evan McMullin

Former Independent candidate Evan McMullin talks about the 2016 presidential election, his foreign policy plans and the state of our nation.

Evan McMullin is a former CIA officer who ran as an Independent candidate for President of the United States in the 2016 election. McMullin joined the CIA in 2001, spearheading numerous counter-terrorism and intelligence operations. After completing his CIA service in 2011, McMullin joined the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs.


Hill Co Partners

Laura and John Beckworth / Hobby Family Foundation

Claire and Carl Stuart