Bradley Whitford

Actor and producer Bradley Whitford, from hit shows such as The West Wing and The Handmaid’s Tale, joins the program to chat about his long career in film and television and political activism.

Charlie Sykes

Charlie Sykes, the former editor-at-large of the Bulwark, joins Evan to discuss the changing political climate across the country, particularly on the conservative side. Sykes provides insight on Trump, the election, and the key issues that will sway voters this election cycle.

Margaret Cho

Comedian Margaret Cho joins Evan to chat about her comedy origins from a young age in San Francisco and how she keeps the passion for stand-up burning years later.

Judy Woodruff

Judy Woodruff, former PBS NewsHour anchor and special correspondent, talks about her career, media, and her new reporting project “America at a Crossroads” as she explores what is at the heart of the great political divide in America.

Kara Swisher

Longtime tech journalist, podcaster, and author Kara Swisher joins the program with her insight on the people behind the tech industry and artificial intelligence. Swisher’s latest book, a memoir, is titled Burn Book: A Tech Love Story.

Barbara McQuade

Former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade discusses the age of disinformation, the negative impacts of social media, and her new book, Attack from Within: How Disinformation is Sabotaging America.

Indigo Girls

Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls reflect on their storied musical careers and cover topics from “Closer to Fine” in the Barbie movie, their latest album, and their non-profit Honor the Earth, which is dedicated to the survival of sustainable Native communities, Indigenous environmental justice, and green energy solutions.

Paula Kerger

Paula Kerger, president and CEO of PBS, discusses the impact of public television on communities and the way PBS has addressed issues around media, culture, education and technology.

Jonathan Eig

Bestselling author and award winning biographer Jonathan Eig joins Evan to discuss his works covering Muhammad Ali, Lou Gehrig, and his most recent book on Martin Luther King, Jr., King: A Life.

Martin Baron

Longtime journalist and newspaper editor Martin Baron joins Evan to discuss his storied career in journalism and his first book, Collision of Power: Trump, Bezos, and the Washington Post which covers the 2016 Presidential Election and Jeff Bezos’ purchase of the Post.

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